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    I’m using Mix 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10 as personal stereo mixes for us (we’re a three piece) into our Behringer P1 headphone mixers; works great, XLR all the way, cheap Lenovo tablets running Qu-You for everyone (I’m running Qu-Pad behind the drums for myself).

    The guitarist is not used to wearing cans and commented that he is “not used to having his amp right beside his ear” because I’m feeding a close mic (57) into his Mix 9/10 dry.

    Someone suggested I try to add 4-5ms of delay and a room reverb to give him a sense of space to better simulate an amp in a room.

    Question: I’m thinking of using the FX 1 setup as Mix->Insert on his channel and since I’m recording post-preamp (set to “Insert” on the channel), it should be recording dry still, right?

    Also, there’s the Delay on the channel strip but there’s also an FX Delay; any recommendations on which one I should use?

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    Delaying the guitar in his IEM wouldn’t change a thing. Adding a delayed/reverberated portion to his dry signal might.

    Your recording setup would be correct for capturing a dry signal.

    The delay on the channelstrip is there to virtually put his amp on the same line as the PA. Typically add 3 ms for every mtr the source is behind the PA speakers.

    An unorthodox solution could be to use a second mic, only used in his IEM’s, on his amp, pulled back a bit so it catches more bleed from the rest of the stage.

    I *think* it would be in his own interest to gradually let him get used to the more direct way of listening. Should he ever run into a situation with an external monitor engineer chances are he’d also get a close mic’d signal.

    Good luck !


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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