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    First quick setup

    Avantis with firmware 1.11 we have 14 mixes setup as in-ear-monitors. We use mix fed subs.

    Our procedure : Make changes to a specific scene we use everyday (we’re a church). Go to scene, overwrite, Utility, memory, overwrite show, Update, update all to a backup copy of the scene, copy to usb.

    What happens on the console: PEQ on main LR high-pass filter resets to an ‘old’ value. Not random value but the same value. Sub PEQ LPF does the same. irritating but I can live with that I just check every time I recall a scene.

    The large issue that the in-ear-monitor mixes are reset. This happened between sound check and service today and I thought the singers were going to kill me.

    Any suggestions? Is my thought process about saving scene changes wrong? Anyone else?

    Thanks Gary

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