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    Hello! I’m kinda new to this digitial world, so forgive me in advance if my question here sounds silly.
    I’m responsible for choosing a new sound system for my church. After a lot of research, I decided to go with Allen & Heath because they surely have the best options out there – especially because of the flexibility of their systems (which is very important for me, but also makes me a little bit confused sometimes).

    I thought in buying 2 SQ-7 consoles and a CDM48, plus (at least) 8 ME-1 personal mixers. What I have in mind is this: I want to use one of the SQ-7 as my FOH, and the other as my broadcast mixer. How can I connect both to a CDM48, together with the ME-1’s? What else would I have to buy in order to make it possible?

    One thing: I’m in Brazil, and here it’s very, very hard for someone to test this system before buying it. So all the answers you guys can give me will be really appreciated!

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Maurivamjr,

    Something to note here is that the CDM48 is a mixer in it’s own right and not a digital stage box, and any connection to another mixer will just be for Audio and not for control.

    If you need 48 channels available on both SQs, you can use a DX-Hub with 3 x DX168s. This can be connected to the FOH SQ via the on board SLink port, you can then install an SLink option card into the FOH SQ to connect to the Broadcast SQ over SLink. To then use ME, you would need to install another SLink card in the broadcast mixer to feed the ME system.

    Another option would be to use Dante cards (instead of SLink) to create your network between the two SQs, and also to a ME-U with a Dante card installed.

    You can find more information regarding supported configurations here:

    You could also contact your local distributor in Brazil for help with customizing your setup, you can find their details here:

    Thanks! Alex

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    How many input on stage do you need?
    If 40 will be ok, then you may take a Dsnake from FOH and save a lot of money by changing the CDM48 to AR2412 + AB168, (CDM48 is a Dlive product). Slink card from FOH mixer to the broadcast mixer.
    More then 40 inputs, it will be a little more tricky to get the ME signals back to stage.
    Which format of the broadcast output signal? You may take an extra card in the Broadcast mixer and use as return for the ME.

    With the CDM48 why not look at the C2500 for FOH. one Slink card in the CDM48 to the SQ7 for broadcast.

    As you see, lot of possibilities, difficult to make a god answer.

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    I would be wary of feeding ME from broadcast, different room and different focus.

    dLive to SQ is via a GigaAce card in dLive, not SLink. SLink (so far) is an SQ-only name.

    I’ll throw out another option, realizing this is an SQ group. If you have a CDM48, then you can split that to 2 roles and run FOH (+ME1) and Broadcast off the same unit. C2500/3500 for FOH and use Director+Dell Touchscreen (or IP8) for Broadcast. In this setup, broadcast has gain tracking active against FOH (assuming FOH owns HA’s) and works much cleaner than GigaAce feed to SQx. You still have a slot and DX port open for future expansion. You will want a pair of analog drops to broadcast to feed PAFL (or run it via an ME1/ME500 in stereo).


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    You can connect the SQ to the CDM48. The CDM48 will only pass Audio to the SQ via Giga-Ace. Download the Free Software to control the CDM48 and use it the set the Gain structure and use it for monitor control or front of house. Might be great to add a touch screen monitor to your computer to runt he CDM48 DLive software. On the SQ you will not have gain control. This is do-able but not ideal, I had the same Idea but decided to wait and save for a full DLive system.

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