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    I am using a dLive Wing with Director software but without a surface. Is there any possibility to set-up the time of the mixrack? Under the utility-screen for mixrack I can’t find a setup as described in the firmware reference guide.


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    No, there isn’t.
    This is a long time “feature request”, or in my eyes a necessary repair of a design flaw…

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    It has also been requested in the past that NTP configuration be made available so that dLive can sync from a central time source.
    Some have argued that this is unnecessary as NTP is not available on most audio networks but I’d respond to that by saying that as time goes on the worlds of production and IT are coming ever closer together.
    For anything more complex than a single console there are many devices on the production network that have the facility to show the time and they should ideally all be accurate and consistent.
    Sourcing time from a single point using NTP would mean only one place to maintain and open up the possibility of setting all clocks from an accurate time source automatically for those of us who have the facility to do so.
    I get not putting this in the smaller consoles but dLive is flagship and likely to be used in systems where things like NTP are available or could be set up.

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    Chiming in here. Is it also true that there is not static screen real estate for the clock? The only place I see it on our C3500s is the system status screen; when many other manufacturers have room carved out for the clock at all times.

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    Correct, the clock is only visible on the status screen.

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