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    I found myself being caught out when I realized that I am still in “sends on faders” when I wanted to change the main LR. I think we need a better sort of “representation” that you are in a send instead of the main LR. Maybe a color change or sign on the corner of the screen.
    Another cool idea is a touch to exit sends on fader mode.

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    Tatsuya Nakamura


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    The upper right corner in every screen shows the selected mix destination… and it’s colored…

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    Hi Lesedi,

    We tried to address this when creating the UI for Avantis.
    When you are in send on fader mode the bottom of the select areas will change colour to the colour you have chosen for your mix channel. It also shows the Name of the mix that you have set to send on fader, along with the in/out and pre/post status of that channel to the currently active mix.


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    Yeah it’s kinda subtle and it’s easy to accidentally send a FX return back to its FX send because you forgot you’r sill in sends on faders.
    Happened to me a few times. I feel like it could be clearer in the GUI too.

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