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    How is the softkey function “sendlevel up” intended ? – What is the difference to the “level up” – function. I would like to have a softkey wich lowers the output of a defined AUX ( the wedge of lead singer) about 5dB . A second press would bring the volume back to origanal setting.
    Such a function would be handy for the singers announcements between the songs. The singer uses loud monitor levels. When the rest of the band is not playing (during announcements) i would like to lower the monitor level a defined amount.

    Thanks for help.

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    hey cris! why don’t you set up a scene where everything is “SAFE” except the Monitor AUX Fader? The just recall the scene between the songs!
    Better solution might be: try to turn down the noise of the other musicians, so the singer doesn’t need such a loud monitor and you can leave the volume between the songs!

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    If you wanted to do it with only one button you could get into recall filtering where in most of your scenes the softkey is assigned to scene recall “turn the monitor down” but it your “turn the monitor down” scene it is assigned to recall a “turn the monitor back up again” scene.

    That would mean that you couldn’t globally scene safe your softkeys, so you’d have to get your assignments right before you started to save scenes or else you’d need to go into each scene and block it.

    If you can use two softkeys you can just assign them to “level down” and “level up”


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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