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    Hi guys,

    New to the dLive system here.

    I’m just wondering if there is the option to group channels into a stereo group and send them to an aux (similar to digico). For instance if I have 8 channels of drums going into a stereo group, I could send this to multiple people ears easily?

    Just finding my way round the offline editor and can’t see this function.

    Many thanks all

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    Groups send to auxes just like inputs…Or is that not what you mean?

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    You can send a aux to an aux, but you have to first route/return the first aux to a channel. There is a latency cost associated with this, I haven’t measured the amount. I think the same is true of groups.

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    There’s a latency cost for using groups?

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    not according to this thread:


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    groups are already latency compensated
    system latency is still 0.6ms
    inserted Rack-FX adds latency, Dyn8 does not
    all other processing is compensated, always

    if you select an Aux Strip then you will see in the routing page the possible sources
    including the groups

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    Actually, Dyn8 adds 4 samples latency.

    On dLive, we compensate the bus processing latency so that no matter the internal routing, all signals are phase aligned on the mix outputs.

    For example:

    Input to Group to Mains is aligned with Input to Mains
    Group to Aux to Matrix is aligned with Group to Matrix
    Input to Group to Matrix is aligned with Input to Matrix
    In the analogue days this would have been irrelevant as processing latency was basically zero, but with most digital consoles, routing paths as the ones above will result in comb filtering producing cancellation at certain frequencies.

    The delay compensation on dLive allows for the signals on the mix bus to be always phase aligned down to the sample – even in cases of parallel processing – resulting in a clear and accurate sum. And all within 0.7ms of overall system latency, analogue in to analogue out!

    All channel processing (DEEP) is also compensated i.e. channel processing including DEEP preamp, compressor and GEQ models does not add any extra latency.

    Dyn8 engines, external inserts, and inserted FX are NOT delay compensated. In some critical applications, you might want to manually compensate for this latency by adding delay to correlated, unprocessed channels. If this is the case, you will find these values helpful:

    Inserting a Dyn8 adds 4 samples on input / bus processing (42us)
    Inserting a De-esser, Transient Controller, DynEQ or Doubler from the FX Rack adds 27 samples on input / bus processing (281us)
    Also, latency is NOT compensated when routing a bus to a bus of the same type, or when routing a bus back to an input (both of these options are enabled in firmware V1.7 and higher).

    For example:

    Group 1 to Group 2 to Mains is NOT aligned with Group 1 to Mains
    Group 1 to Input to Mains is NOT aligned with Group 1 to Mains

    Source: AH Knowledgebase

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    Ok, that was neu to me…

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