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    We currently support 2 mixes (Main L/R) and a live stream (actively monitored via SQ Mix Pad App). The live stream is our Aux 4. I recently had someone ask if he could connect a bluetooth hearing aid transmitter to the board. I was thinking of giving him the Streaming mix
    How would I go about providing that mix to one of the back panel XLR outs? (I ordered an XLR to 1/8″ plug compatible w/his device). I would also need level control on that output so I provide a signal compatible w/his device.


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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @soundguy

    You can patch any SQ output (including any mix) to multiple outputs.
    Right now you have your streaming mix patched to USB, an option card or maybe some analogue output sockets.
    All you may need to do is patch this same mix to a spare local output socket in the ‘I/O > Outputs > Mix Out’ screen with ‘Local’ output sockets selected at the top.

    However, level control applies to the mix rather than the output socket. i.e. the same mix patched to two output sockets will always be at the same level.

    Two options for control of their mix output level would be:
    a) Set up a completely separate mix (aux) just for them – the benefit here is that they get exactly what you decide to give them rather than a duplicate of either the main or stream mix.
    b) Send just the main or just the stream mix to a matrix, then patch this matrix to an output for them – this will still be a ‘copy’ of those mixes and follow whatever they’re doing, but give you a whole extra mix channel’s worth of processing and level control to use.

    If their transmitter or hearing aids have level control though, your original plan is probably fine and there’s no need for the extra complications!


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    Mike C

    Aside from how you go about creating the output to feed the Bluetooth hearing aid transmitter double check that the XLR to 1/8 inch cable is not wired straight through
    as in XLR pin 2 goes to the tip of the 1/8″ and XLR pin 3 goes to the ring of the 1/8″.
    That would not work well on a 1/8″ stereo input.

    Pin 2 should feed both the tip and ring of the 1/8″ plug, I’ve some of those cables
    where pin 3 is tied to pin 1.

    Also I’m sure the Bluetooth transmitter will want to see a nominal -10db signal level
    at the most.

    Add a fair amount of compression to the live stream and hearing assist mixes.

    Is this Bluetooth transmitter just for one person to connect to unless it’s a
    special Bluetooth format Bluetooth will only allow one connection at a time.

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