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    I have a couple of physical outputs of my SQ5 going into a eurorack module. The eurorack samples this output and stores the audio on its internal memory.

    The problem is: I really need to crank the master output fader for the module to get a decent signal to sample.

    Is there a way on the SQ to send out 0+db without actually playing it that loud out of the monitors. I thought maybe it was a direct out setting or something, but I know you guys would be able to tell me faster than I would finding it!

    Thank you!

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    Mike C

    What type of input does the module want to see, does it have a separate left and right input or is it a single stereo input on a 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch TRS jack.

    You may have the incorrect cable interface between the mixer and the module.

    You could set up a matrix or mix or group out to independently control the level to the module.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hey @whatsoup,

    I think the ‘proper’ way of doing this would be to use a line level to eurorack module as:
    0 dBV = 1V
    0 dBu = 0.7746V
    SQ outputs = +4dBu (1.228 V) @ 0dB on meters
    Eurorack = often 10V peak to peak (-5V to +5V or 0V to +10V)

    So there may be quite a difference unless the module is designed to take line level signal –
    In which case – instead of patching monitors from LR you could patch them from Listen L/R, reduce the listen level output, and not need to attenuate the main LR level going to the module.

    Hope this helps!
    (sounds like fun too 🙂 )

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    Thanks Keith! I went the PAFL route and it has worked really well! Super happy. Much appreciated.

    For the record the module does accept line level, and I do need to increase the input gain a little bit on the module using this method, as well as the PAFL trim, but there’s plenty of room there, and it sounds about 5 times louder now.

    @mikec Everything should be correct, it’s just the way I have my master fader down most of the time and the way to desk follows that fader when using the old method of using ‘mix out’ patching. Thanks for your input

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