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    I have a Qu-16 mixer connected to Cubase 9. Configured it to send Stereo output to the L-R Outputs and by assigning the USB 17 and 18 channels to those outputs. Now I want to be able to send also to outputs Mix 9-10. Here’s what I have done :
    On the Mixer :
    – acessed the setup screen by pressing the setup button
    – pressed the tab IO Patch and then the USB audio subtab
    – assigned the 19 and 20 channels to mix 9 and mix 10 respectively.
    On Cubase :
    – acessed the VST connections dialog from the devices menu
    – created a stereo bus with left and right mapped to channel 19 and 20 respectively
    – mapped a track’s output to the created stereo bus

    I have the mix 9-10 outputs connected to an amplifier and respective monitor speakers. No sound reaches the mixer. Only channels 17-18 on the DAW output sound. If I use any other channel i have no sound on the mix 9-10 outputs.
    I tried changing the channel assignments on the mixer. Assigned to channels 17-18 the mix 9-10, and to channels 19-20 the LR-L and LR-R. The sound reached the mixer (as I saw the signal level leds light up) but no sound came out of the mix 9-10 output jacks into the amplifier.

    Do I have to do the routing in the mixer ? If so, how ? I am new to mixing and the mixer. The manual was not very helpful regarding this issue according to my understanding.


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    Welcome. You may find more specific help by posting your question in the DAW Integration section of the Forum.

    Good luck.

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