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    I’d like the ability to set up a secondary name for all the channels, shown by holding “Alt View”. This would be a good place to put the musicians name, or the type of mic etc.

    Soundchecking new band, “… … *holds alt view* “Michael” could I hear some of your bass please”


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    Disagree! I think its very important to have a chance to check the channel-number quickly! Rather i would wish that the fontsize gets smaller after a specific amount of letters! Maybe a second row if possible!

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    I think the option is an ok idea, but not real critical. Having the socket number is important. I have mentioned several times that my big issue in lack of contrast control. You can’t read the scribble strips or barely read the screen sitting down. I think this was a major oversight. Not everyone stands especially in church and theater operations that are long. The 5 character limit is a minor inconvenience. I agree the font or text size could be smaller to gain another character or 2 but then someone would want 3 so where do you stop? I can live with just getting creative with abbreviations. Maybe consider a second line as was mentioned with smaller text for a name? Have to figure away to do that in the naming section. Maybe a button for line 2?

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    I guess it is better to have preset configuration than of that idea, and with eotsskleet comments I also agree on that,, that fonts changes its size automatically when it reach the allocated characters required.

    “works @

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    Pit Lenz

    I think a smaller font (or two rows) would require a change, of hardware since the letter pixel layout is fixed.

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