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    Can someone either take and upload, or point me towards, some photos/videos of the scribble strips in operation?

    I can’t seem to find any decent pictures, let alone any that show their readability from different angles.

    I presume they are text only, and read that they are coloured according to strip type at the moment (although A&H are apparently considering allowing full customisation).

    Slightly related question – do (or can) they change colour to indicate that the faders are on a mix other than LR?


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    hi guys, how do i change the colour of my scribble strips? I am having a blond moment and can’t seem to find it



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    Isn’t change able at this moment

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    From what I understand, The Colors are fixed according to what you have selected. In other words, Inputs are Green, Main LR is Yellow, Auxes Outputs are Blue, FX are Green, DCAs are REd, etc.. (discplaimer, I may have mismatched colors with outputs.)

    As far as what I can tell, you cannot change the color of a selected output. (For example making an input blue instead of green.)
    However, I would like to see this as a possible new feature for a future update.

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    The v1.2 update introduces the ability to change colors. Same color choices as the GLD.

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