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    Hi Keith,
    I wish I coukd delete the post, as I had never had a customer service problem with A&H.
    I’m actually very happy with product and service, but like any human being, there was a glitch in my body’s computer and I confused A&H with another vendor.

    I apologize for not thinking straight.
    Too much work and too little rest leads to confusion.

    Again, my deepest apologies. Please, delete if possible.

    But I do agree with the scribble strips and I also think that when it comes to effects, the customer should be able to create their own package.
    There are a few effects I really like to have, but they come in packages with a lot of other effects I don’t need. And since I’m a very small business, in regards to the economic foot print, I’m also not very rich, so I can’t afford some of these packages offered.

    Perhaps something like a custom package can be created.

    Thanks again for getting back to me and making me aware of my mistake.

    Btw, i I often refer to your videos and find the very helpful.


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    +1 would be great for me too, working with several more colours:)

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    +1 for more colors and or inversion for the text.
    Keith, is Amy of this possible??

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    KeithJ A&H


    Inversion of the text would not be possible, the LCD displays are in 6 character blocks so it’s not very readable and frankly looks awful if inverted!

    Additional colours might be possible, though it would require quite a bit of work due to all the the places colour appears throughout the GUI, all the backend work for colour definitions and assignment/storing of colours.

    We did have some suggestions/requests for extra colours early on, but it has never taken priority (or been more popular) than many other suggestions here.
    At the moment, it still doesn’t seem to be the most popular suggestion, but as far as I know it’s also not impossible – hence why I’ve not jumped in before!


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    Dave Meadowcroft

    More colours would be amazing!
    Even just adding the 6 tertiary colours would be helpful and hopefully not be a huge job with little UI change in the console or apps – depending on how they’re stored of course!

    Full 24 bit RGB would be the ultimate with a picker, but could be somewhat difficult to add, and many would be unusable and/or indistinguishable of course – but that becomes the user’s problem.

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    Another +1 on adding more colors, and shades of the existing colors.

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    I’ll be direct, a year of SQ use under my belt, and I’m really disappointed by SQ’s scribble strips.

    The 6 character limit is woeful, and the legibility (particularly of red and blue) is poor.

    It’s crying out for a component change, which could improve legibility. It’s a shame that A&H appear to have cut corners on the scribble strip.

    And the decision to limit to 6 characters is unfathomable. What mystifies me is that even DLive appears to have a 6 character limit. Blimey!

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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