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    MiG Eater

    Out of the SQ stream yesterday* it would be really helpful to have more colours available.

    *great job again Keith!

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    I find the red and dark blue to be very difficult to use – the text needs to be white. Purple is usable. The other colors work well. And, black needs to be black with white letters (as in another brand) instead of being Off.

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    +1 for all of this. I hear this from many touring guest engineers.

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    +1 for all of this. I color code different type of inputs and desperately need more colors, as well as contrast. Some text is difficult to read

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    +1 for this

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    +1 for all of this.

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    Aaron Kelly

    +1, and maybe an inverted option as well (ie. m/x32)

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    +1 a color wheel or more color presets would be great!

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    Coming from X32, I always thought their scribble strips were pretty lame.

    Coming to SQ, pretty much everything about the scribble strips is poor. 6 character limit, tiny – and, most of all, prettly illegible. If there’s one job they’re meant to do, it’s be legible and, especially red, really isn’t.

    Sadly, most of this needs an engineering change to improve.

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    +1 for more colors at a minimum. Better would be a fully mixable color palette.

    Interestingly this subject came up this morning when I was reminded that the (very expensive) console I’m working on today has non-changeable colors based on what the fader is doing. My comment was that on the SQ you could at least change the color being used.

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    Sadly, most of this needs an engineering change to improve.

    I agree.

    While it would be great to get more colors, even that is probably a hardware change. Certainly adding characters would (likely) require a different type of scribble screen.

    So while it is great to ask and dream about new features like this, I think people should also have realistic expectations. It likely isn’t as easy as adding another “5 lines of code” to allow for different colors or more text.

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    At least for me, dark blue and red is more or less NOT legible…. Therefore, i use these colours for inputs where i do not need the letters 😉
    Maybe in the bright sun, where the brightness of the strips must be turned all the way up, this two colours get legible… But not so in dark environments like I mix most of the shows..

    +1 for more and brighter colours.

    Maybe A&H can give some response, if changing the colour can be done via a software update, or the given ones are related due hardware and cannot be changed.


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    + 1 on mixable colour palettes, inversion and more characters.

    And + Infinity on better customer service.

    I love the product, but the customer service needs a big improvement!

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    KeithJ A&H


    Please contact us directly using to let us know about any issues you’ve had with our customer service.
    It’s something we really care about so seeing a comment like that is quite surprising and a little concerning!


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