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    Hi there
    I have a screw loose (not in that way but who knows!)
    I can hear it rolling around inside the casing of my Qu24. Actually there’s a possibility it’s a nut as there is a missing bolt on the back of the unit
    Attaching a picture so you can see which screw it is.

    My question is: what’s the easiest way to get this out to prevent a bad short? There are a lot of bolts to unscrew on the case. How many and which ones need to come off? Once the case is open are there componants on both the cover and the main unit which make it a tricky task?



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    I have a screw loose (not in that way but who knows!)


    Have you tried maneuvering the nut to one of the vent holes so you can see it? Maybe use a small pick to pull it through a vent hole (if it fits).

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    Mike C

    I bought a used QU16 that was in great condition and worked perfect but a day or two I head a screw falling around inside.

    I did a full disassembly and re-seated connectors ect. while I was in there.
    I found the screw and in my case it was a screw that hold the side rubber end caps to the
    Yes it’s a lot of screws and they come apart kind of like a puzzle!

    Just to open it up and try to shake out the nut take all the stainless steel allen cap head screws around one side and pull the end cap off. You may need to crack some of the other screws loose a little to get it out.

    The screw that’s missing on yours is the screw that held the plastic clip that can be used to hold the power cord in place.

    The threaded insert looks like it popped loose and fell inside.

    Yes that could be very bad in the wrong spot!!

    Who knows how long the screw had been loose in the QU16 I bought.

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