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    I have a C3500 and use the FX racks as inserts from the end (16,15,…)
    In my configuration there was one FX buse (16) is not more possible to be used
    as all buses were used by LR, Aux & GRPs.
    But I have discovered that FX 16 could be used as an insert and this works well.

    The problem is that when I save the Scene and I came later back to this scene, the FX16 has been lost and I have to re–program the FX16 and at the same time FX15 is as well lost.



    Check your recall filter settings for each scene. This is almost certainly caused by something that is blocked in that scene recall. IE you stored the scene, but that particular scene has that FX unit safed in the scene filter, but then you recalled another scene whose FX status was *not* safed. When you re-load that first scene w/ the FX unit the way you wanted, it does not recall the FX unit.

    The good news is that *all* the console status is saved, per scene, regardless of what is safed. So if you discover a stray recall safe, or realize you wanted something more out of your scene recall after storing, fixing is as simple as changing the recall filter. (Assuming you don’t store over it again with new settings.)

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    Thank you ThatComplicatedMidiGuy,

    I have tested it without any filtering and you are right it is working correctly.


    I would be careful about having *no* filter. You don’t want to blow out all your settings unintentionally with a scene recall during a show. The best way to scope just what you want is to go to your scene filter, block all, then un-block only the things you want to recall with that scene.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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