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    So, i’m trying to see if I can setup a scene change that when recalled selects a chosen mix select? Everything I have tried when saving scenes and recalling them to have a specific mix select selected doesn’t;t work. Scene recall seems to not note the mix selected when scene is saved.

    Is anyone aware of if this is possible?

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    Alex A&H


    The currently selected mix is not stored in a scene, as this is a surface setting that isn’t stored by the mixer. For example, if you select a mix and then power cycle the mixer, it will return the the LR mix.

    You can find more information on what is stored in a scene here:,-274,841


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    Thanks for the reply. I understand that its a surface setting, but why then do other surface settings get scene saved? Like custom layer strip for instance? Also, as the QU series is the surface and the brain all in one, could that be allowed as a means to recall certain scenes for specific functions that give the recall direct access to certain parameters that are required for a scene recall – ie allowing a specific Mix select to be recalled?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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