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    I have a House of Worship client that wants to know if the can build scenes for different events that happen each week in there room. Some event’s might have a band and other events might only be two or three inputs. They want only the faders needed for the event to show up on the desk. Is that possible?

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    I think fader layouts are stored as part of shows (currently only saved to USB, sadly), whole scenes are the levels, processing, etc. for that layout from songto song, or whatever.

    So you’d do each event as a show, then load the required one from USB and be off and running.

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    If you look into the reference guide of the SQ you will see that the fader assignment is stored to each scene. So the requirement of Gumby can be fulfilled by scenes also. No need to use shows.

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    Hi Gumby,
    At my church we use a scene for each different service. It allows different inputs, faders, levels, etc.

    What you have to watch out for is some input settings such as making an input channel stereo. Doing so will make it stereo on all scenes (found that out the hard way…).

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