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    I was a little surprised to discover that in order to get a scene to change the assignment of an FX from mix->return to insert you need to allow “patchbay” in the scene recall filter. I guess it makes sense, and it does say “Input source, inserts, Outputs” in the manual, but it means that the scene recall potentially changes ALL the patches, not just those associated with the FX. I was hoping to make it more restritive. Essentially what I as doing was changing on of the slots from a mix->return FX to a different insert FX. I can enable the change of FX in the slot, and set the new parameters for the FX by allowing that FX slot, and I initially thought that this would also allow me to change the assignemt to insert. But no such luck. I had the channel with everything allowed, so things like “Ins Attr” and “routing” were all allowed.

    Might it be possible to allow some finer granularity control here? Or is there something I am missing? I wonder if it is the case that once you allow patchbay, the input channel filters still apply, so by only enabling one channel you can restrict the patchbay changes to that one channel?

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    I know that problem. I would like to change the FX send settings, but so sad that the AUX sends are in the same safe state, so i lose my mon mix sends for the musicians. That is a no go. I changed my way of working and only change the FX effect itself and some good planning which channels / sends i can leave in the same state.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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