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    Hi all, I have come across a bit of weird interaction with shifting show files from a mix rack with dx racks connected to another without them connected.

    Ie. I have a large show set up – (around 116 inputs and 5 dx168 racks connected) – That I record for virtual sound check and take home to run through my second mix rack to work on in the studio (without any of the dx racks connected obviously).

    When I shift this show file back to the console setup for the show, the preamp section filters and global safes for the expansion racks are no longer set as required after being on the console without these expansion racks physically connected.

    This interaction is the same when shifting different size mix racks – I have a cdm32 and cdm48, and the preamp section safes and scene filters will have disappeared for sockets 33 – 48 when shifting between these two mix racks.

    As I work in musical theatre with a lot of scene programming, this inevitably means that there is potential to lose preamp settings whenever triggering a scene as the show file is usually programmed well before the start of a season. This essentially means that every scene contains default preamp settings that could be recalled without the filters and safes in place. Luckily (since a similar interaction also occurred on the GLD system), I will store a scene that holds the correct preamp settings as a backup that I can recall if need be.

    Obviously, this is a big problem if I need to program changes in preamp settings for any reason because in the case that the global scene/filter safes are lost, it would be a nightmare to try to correct every scene filter as required. (I always use filtering on every scene so that I know that only the settings that I need to be recalled are recalled).

    My Question:
    Is there any reason that preamp section scene safes and filters could not remain perpetual and selectable whether or not those particular sockets are present on the current system or not?

    Thanks for everyone’s time,


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    If I had to guess (and this is only a guess), I’d say that when you load the show on your MixRack at home it blanks out the preamp info since they don’t exist anymore, then when you load that tweaked show from your studio onto your live MixRack the preamp information doesn’t exist anymore so nothing gets assigned.

    Have you tried importing the scenes from the tweaked show file into a “good” show file on your live MixRack instead of loading the entire tweaked show? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s in section 7.6 of the firmware reference guide, on page 44 (at least in the version of the reference guide I was just checking).

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