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    We have a “start here” setting for our church sound mixers to start with, tweak, and then save their own settings. Well, they are supposed to save their own settings! But some feel that their changes merit writing over the “start here” scene. Is there any possibility that at least some of the scenes can be assigned a password in order to prevent overwriting by unauthorized people?

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    In a similar situation, without a locking file system, I’ve ended up saving the “start here” into about the first 30 scenes (my own setups are all stored up at 95 -99 or whatever the highest numbers are), and giving each user a number to use. Not perfect, but it helps.

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    Do ‘limited’ users not have a limited set of scenes they can use?

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    The big problem I am seeing is I install and setup a system. I attend several services and try to tweak the principle mics as for EQ and comp. same person on same mic every week. Usually predicable but can vary a little. I find that most church media people have no concept of EQ or especially setting a compressor. They only know faders and mutes.

    Then I come back later and things sound worse. I find they have tweaked EQs to something they think it should be. Usually adjusting frequencies they have no idea as to what it’s doing. Mostly muddying things up.

    Like Mark. I try to save my scenes way down the list. So I will go back and show them what they have done. At least it’s easier than the old days when I would come in and see EQ knobs all over the place and I would go through and try to put them back where they needed to be.

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    …and there’s still the option to save and restore everything from USB stick.
    I somehow would prefer to instruct “The desk is setup for use, you may tweak whatever you like, I’ll restore it afterwards”, instead of “…but please do not touch this and that.”. Of course this needs someone to restore the desk after each session (could be as easy to copy scene NNN to Scene 1, to have something to start with).

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    Thanks guys. I do have several backup “start here” scenes saved under different names. As stated by GCumbee, there are those who think their EQ is better. Funny that the only complaints we have on sound is when a particular sound guy is on. Seems that this is also when the start here scene gets written over. It would just be nice to have a password protection.

    Bob, please elaborate if there is a limited user setting that limits the scenes as well. Maybe I have missed something? I still want them to be able to recall the start here setting, but not be able to overwrite.

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    Yes, as long as you password protect the top-level user. You can then assign a start scene to non-admin users which is out of the range of editable scenes, supplemented with a soft key to refresh the desk with this scene. This allows users to save and recall their own scenes, whilst protecting the start scene.

    In my church, the services alternate between basic and standard user logins, and the appropriate start scene is therefore automatically retrieved for each service. Without changing user types, setting changes are preserved over power cycles.

    For my people who only want “faders and mutes”, the basic level user provides an assured start setting every time.

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    DrDave… thanks for that info. I will look into this next time I am in front of the board. Sounds promising!

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