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    The Scene Manager’s nature and the current “Go+next” softkey functionality interact badly for clear usability.

    If I am stepping through a production in rehearsal and hitting “Go+next” it automatically selects the next scene each time – this means if I want to make a change to the current scene I must go to the scene manager and change selection to the scene I am currently on and then I can save any changes as there is no “Save current scene” only “Store scene” and the selected scene is no longer the right one because “next”.

    If the “Go+Next” softkey was actually “Next+Go” this would achieve the same in normal use with the added joy of Scene manager showing your current scene name and leaving it able to be stored/renamed/edited with a minimal number of keypresses.

    Part of this seems to be down to the simplicity of selection in the Scene Manager where there’s a singular item that can be selected/highlighted and that is always the “next” – while beguilingly simple it makes scrolling around the list a nightmare as there’s no indication of what the currently running scene is – there are no numbers included in the status bar so any identically named scenes are indistinguishable from each other.

    The ideal solution for me would be to have the current scene highlighted in bright green, the actual in-order next scene highlighted in dull green with the yellow box still available to scroll around. The RECALL section would have two buttons “Next >” and “GO >” with Next changing to the default next scene and “GO” changing to the currently highlighted scene.
    This way scene running order is maintained no matter where someone scrolls and there is never any chance of someone getting lost.

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    You are completely right. I’ve already crashed scenes like that.
    Fortunately now in 1.4, we can save the scenes


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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