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    Hi, Loving my SQ5, but two things are very awkward and create HUGE amounts of work for what should be simple fixes. Can you please add the following two features. 1) The ability to insert a scene in the scene list so that when you have hundreds of scenes programmed and you need to add one in between existing scenes you can. At present you can only copy/paste overwrite, so you have to literally move scenes one by one, it takes hours. 2) An option at on the aux master to follow the main channel pan, When setting up multiple stereo IEM mixes it takes a lot of time to duplicate an settings mix by mix for each scene

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    I fully agree with the ability to insert a scene on the scene list. I am setting up a musical now and during rehearsal, we needed to add a scene and need to open one up on the fly. We could not do that. I have to wait until down-time to make the changes and it took about an hour to set up one scene in the middle of the scene list. Not to mention the renaming of most of the screens.


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    Hi all,

    Being able to insert scenes is a very reasonable suggestion, but while it’s not possible, an easy workaround when working with lots of scenes is to simply leave a few blank scene slots between each scene you store.
    The ‘Scene Recall Go’ with ‘Auto Increment’ enabled just ignores these empty slots and we have also implemented Copy/Paste/Reset for scenes allowing you to shuffle things around pretty quickly.

    ‘Aux follow pan’ has also been suggested before and would understandably be very useful during mixing, if mainly for setup however, you can use the Copy/Paste keys with the blue Mix keys to quickly copy and paste all the routing from one mix to another, then from here you would just need to adjust levels (which is arguably faster).
    If you are hard panning, you can also hold the Reset key whilst turning the Pan control to ‘jump’ between L/Centre/R.


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