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    Unless I haven’t found it, there is no way to easily insert a scene on the fly? Say I have a bunch of cues/scenes in a show, and I want to change some settings in the current scene and then insert it straight after, I have to store over a blank scene, then go back to scene manager and find which one I stored and drag it into the scene list. Most other consoles have a scene insert feature which is quick and easy to do on the fly.

    I know of a few theatre guys that are reluctant to use the dLive’s as they are missing this feature.


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    And crossfades – the faders snap whilst the audio fades, it’s just weird…

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    Jordan T. Hurt

    +1 – it definitely makes theatrical use of the dLive more time consuming when having to copy and paste several scenes out of the way rather than just having some kind of “pool” of scenes to be able to drag and drop.

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    the cue list feature is exactly this
    you can store new scenes with a user key on the next free place in the global scene list
    and drag the scenes in the cue list on every position you need them
    cue lists represent shows with multiple scenes


    Yeah, cue list is the way to go.

    Re: faders jumping instead of fading – it makes complete sense on this desk because you can change your fader assignment per cue. IE, if you had faders moving while changing desk layout, that’s a heck of a lot of data to have to track. I could see that causing a hangup/crash. Coming from a VENUE desk, it took me a minute to get used to, but I can’t say it really bothers me ever.

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    The faders don’t bother me too much, it’s mainly others who whinge about it haha

    Cue List – I get it, and that’s definitely the way to run shows, but would be nice to just have an insert function for really quick on th fly stuff.

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    The problem is still there when you are in your current cue list. And press the “new” Scene function. If you then go to a different cue in the cuelist. You are racing to a needle in the haystack situation where you need to find the cue you just created. (As you could do in a hectic production situation.) At least at the rehearsal period in a theatre show, with hundreds of scene cues. You often need add a scene, because there is always being made changes. and you then have a all scenes list with an irregular scenes numeration.

    cue 1, could be scene 1 ,
    cue 2 – Scene 2,
    cue 3 – scene 40,
    cue 4 – scene 3,
    cue 5 -scene 25,
    cue 6 scene 100.

    And because don’t have the “insert new scene” function. You also end up with having to sort it like this:

    1. You need a new cue, in the following cue. But the following cue list need to continue without taking any effect.
    2. You press the “new” scene function.
    3. You need to go too the All Scenes tab.
    4. You now need to find the cue. It could be at scene 174 or what ever is the next free scene. (While you actually are creating 34.2)
    5. You need to rename the cue.
    6. You need to go too the Cue list editor tab.
    7. You now need import the cue you created to the Current Cue List into the right spot at your current cue list.
    8. You can continue the show.

    This is time consuming, and hectic to do while in a show or at a rehearsal with several actors waiting on you… You have no way to do this without having the time to sort the que right after creating it. If you just press the “new” while running a rehearsal or a show, without stopping and sorting. You can end up creating all sorts of que all over your all Scenes list. You then need to use a lot of time afterwards to find out when and where you actually created the cue, why and so on. (Say you have 100 scenes. and while running the show, you find out that you need to add scenes at different places. Say you then end up with having added 20 scenes. After the show you now have 100 scenes in a correct order, then you have scene 101-120, thats not in the correct order. And is not marked or named in a way that makes it easy to place in the cue list, and you need to use a lot of time to do so.)

    If Allen & Heath could make the “New” Scene function automatically import the newly created scene cue, to your current cue list.
    OR make another “Insert new scene” function. That does this. (That is: in the between the your active cue, and your current next cue.)

    The workflow would shorten, and make it possible to have a more fluent workflow. You can then make scenes and cues on the fly, without having to stop while doing so.

    You can work more like this:

    1. You need a new cue, in the following cue. but the following cue list need to continue without taking any effect.
    2. You press the “new” scene function/press the “Insert New Scene” function.
    3. You continue the show.

    4. After the show/rehersal you can rename and sort the cue etc. because it is already placed where you need it in your cue list.


    You now not only have the scene directly where you want it, but you have it fast. And you can do it on the fly. This solves the whole insert function in my opinion, and should be a priority in the future. We theatre technicians would love this!

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    I found a workable solution for rearranging scenes order.
    Scene Import functions allows free drag and drop placement of scenes on the main list. It works better than copy/paste, because the names and the notes are moved around together with the scenes.

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