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    That sounds like a nice challenge! Mostly scene-changes are all about FX! Think about your scene-safes first! What does really change between songs? I would say it’s the FX most and not really fader-level or EQ changes as long as not an instrument is changed!
    Try to make it simple! Less misstakes will happen and as more you use it as better you know what you can integrate in a scene!

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    Just personal preference, I like using scenes for set changes (e.g. changing guitar rigs, guest artists, acoustic sets, etc.), and mix the rest manually. It keeps your focus on the performance and less on scene management. The only exception I make is mixing theater.

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    The last play I did had 170 scenes in it. Yes, 170.

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    ok, thank you for your answers.
    Interesting things to mention.
    I’m not sure, if I dare to hold the faders while moving. 😉
    But general question:
    Will the faders move, if I change the scene to a scene with equal fader settings?
    Maybe it is better to safe all this settings and only change the fx section and to mute or unmute (is this english?? ;-)) the needed channels.
    I think the best for me is manual mixing while I am the tech of another band.
    But sometimes my band and me have no tech. Especially with smaller gigs.

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    Theatrical performances are very different to a live band though.
    Our Panto always has a silly number of scenes, we’ve used a midi trigger from the PC (which also handles sound effects and the like) to advance to the next scene (not an a QU), so it’s all in the one script…

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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