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    It seems that it would have been a simple programming change to allow the actual mix of each aux to be saved when you save it in the mix libraries. It seems to only save the process on that aux, not the mix itself. The name “mix library” seems a bit deceiving….

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    to be correct: it’s called Mix Channel libraries and is only available when the processing is activated, so it’s pretty clear what it is for…

    to store mix assignments and levels, we can use scenes


    Yeah, Agreed w/ Steffen here. Use a scene. For instance: I’ve got four or five different drummer profiles saved as scenes, for the same drum kit, with the same mics/mic positions to accommodate each player’s style. Or, I’ve got IEM mixes saved for particular performers on particular busses, or I’ve got save status for all the IEM just in case something gets blown out.

    For funsies, I’ve also got one that’s called, “6k nightmare – Do not recall.” Which I reserve for that occasional guitar player who keeps asking for more “Me,” in a wedge and then complains that he can’t hear anything else.

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    I want to open the thread again. What I’m looking for is to save some processing from the mixes in a library, and recall it on another show. So it will be possible that I use always the same eqing on same wedges or so. But it seems like the saved libarys are still on the show file, not for global use.

    I can’t understand this workflow. Is there any possibility? I think the same is on normal channels. No global libarys.


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    libraries are stored on the surface
    and not stored in shows

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    I was trying it in Director and there it is different as expected
    so it doesn’t store the libraries permanently in Director

    but it’s possible to recall it from the USB store anyway

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    Nicola A&H

    Director and Surface should be the same Steffen with regards to Libraries.
    Libraries are stored within a Show by default, BUT can be exported to USB drives, which is the easiest way of reusing in a different show.

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    Would it be possible to store libraries outside a show?
    or at least to imprt them all in one go?

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