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    what ist the easiest way for the following:
    4 bands in 4 pre def. shows
    3 bands having the same drum (10 chan) and brass (5 chan)sec.
    defining the complete drum and brass set-up
    What do I have to do to save the complete setting for drums, brass or perhaps others
    for using these settings in the remaining 2 shows?
    Is there a way other than defining e.g. the kick for Band1 and then
    doing the same procedure for Band2, Band3 going to snare until
    I have the complete drum-set defined for Band 2 and Band3.

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    Pit Lenz

    in your situation I would recommend working with scenes.
    You can do the complete soundcheck for the first of the three bands with the same musicians and save that scene, then save it as a new scene for the second band and continue their soundcheck, and so on.
    Another thing to do is put the drums and brass channels for those three band scenes in recall safe mode, so you can use adjustments that you make (further on along the show) for the other two band settings as well.
    In this case you might want to save the fourth band (with complete different settings) as another show.
    So you will have one show (with three scenes) for the three same-drums-and-brass bands and a second show for the other band.


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    If all 4 bands are playing in the same location (no tear down and set up) then you could just use different scenes. I would personally a different scene for each band. I might would even use a different scene for each song depending on how similar or different they were.

    If the gear will be taken down and moved between these 4 performances, then you have 2 or 3 choices. you could keep the scene from the first performance and then plug all your inputs back to exactly the same spot for the next show. Or you could plug up the inputs any way that they happen to come to you, and then re assign the inputs under the “preamp” tab (under processing). A third option is that you could save every drum and horn as a channel under the “overview” tab. saving the channel saves the preamp level, EQ, Gate, Compressor, etc. Then you could recall that channel from the library in THAT show. If you want to use it in another show, then you must export each channel using the Setup > Memory > Library manager. This is handy if you will be working on different GLD boards because then you can take them with you on your USB flash drive.

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    thanks beartech and Pit Lenz for your quick answers
    helping me out of that problem. Depending on the gigs
    I’ll follow both ways. USB gives an extra safety.

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    Pit Lenz

    Ah, I missed the part with different shows, I thought, it was like one night with four bands.
    beartech’s advice to put setups in the library makes sense. But keep in mind that the same instrument in a different room might need different settings and a preset may only serve as a starting point.

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