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    jeanraoul ducable

    Please, Allen and Heath develloppers :

    How to dowsizing the samplerate of the desk? No solution actually? In case you really need it, like to record a meeting of 30 days (exemple) you dont need 96 khz.
    Or, you want to continue an old studio session created in 44,1 khz, many years ago.

    Please, if in the future the dowsizing of the samplerate, is available, could you devellop a function to autosync the desk to the session daw? In this case, if you change often in between differents sessions, you don’t need to manually change the sample rate all the time.

    RME do this well

    Thanks a lot guys

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    this will not happen, as it will degrade the audio quality on the processing

    What you want is sample rate conversion at the interface to the recording and the USB B
    if this is possible… I don’t know

    There is a Dante Card that can do better on this…

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    Hmm, I am working with Reaper, mainly on Windows 10, and there I can use the SQ USB interface with older Projects without any problems for all 32 possible Channels. But with dante SRC can be done within the Card and would be for sure the better option for a professional studio, since it allows you do do records more flexible. For important live recordings I use two laptops one with USB and one with Dante to do a redundant recording. And this works fine for me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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