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    Hi everybody 🙂 So well i am having a problem with the sample rate settings…
    I am using my SQ7 as a Studio console. I loaded up unfinished projects in my DAW (Cubase 9.5) They were made when i had my presonus console and some are also even older interfaces.. I was using a sample rate of 44.1 and some other also 48 khz… When i set my SQ7 to 44,1 and hit apply … In Cubase it stays on 96 khz even if i restart the computer (mac pro) and reload all new.. and also after restarting the SQ7 the driver stays on 96 .. the result of it is that the Music i am working on is playing faster in tripple speed and more … When i use an other interface for example my Tr-8 as audio interface there all works fine… I connected also my old presonus studiolive 32.4.2 AI again in it and i can just switch sample rates as i want and it stays … But with my SQ7 It just stays on 96 Khz in the DAW.. Is there a problem with the driver ? Anyone has the same problems? I hope i just forgot something or just do something wrong…

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    It’s normal, at now the SQ mixers run only 96 KHz with USB connection.
    You can’t set the SQ to an other sample rate except for AES output or DANTE card.
    I don’t use cubase but generally you can re-sample your session…

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    Hi Flo,
    yes i found out that i misunderstood a setting in the SQ7 menu. I have now upsampled everything in Cubase .. was easy in the project setup in cubase .. Cubase did right away upsampling everything and now it works in 96 🙂 cheers

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    i have the same problem. letting a cubase 10.5 project run under 44.1 sample rate though USB was high speed.
    1) what exactly can I do without changing the project to 96?
    2) how does upsampling work and how can I start it in Cubase? (possible back and forth?)

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    1) 44.1kHz does not work with the SQ
    you have to use 48 or 96kHz

    so changing the project to 48 should be the step to go

    2) Cubase should ask you if you want to convert all used audio files to 48kHz
    if it does not, then something in your Cubase preferences could block this…

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