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    Hi all,
    For a new tour i have the choice between a dlive s5000 vs s3000 for monitors. (coming from a digico sd9 last year same band)
    All IEM .
    I think i’m getting away with the s3000.
    I prefer my setup being as compact as possible, and having a lot more macro buttons than the sd9 (altough the possibilities are not as deep as the sd-series)
    i could setup a lot of stuff with those.

    So what are your experiences concerning the difference between the s5000 and s3000 for monitors ?
    (besides 1 screen and a few faders)

    Also what would be the best way to replicate the comms setup i had with the sd9 ? :
    – 2 stage talkbacks + iems
    – 1 tech talkback + shoutbox + iems
    – 1 foh talkback + shoutbox
    – 1 mon talkback + iem
    On the sd9 the pfl-buss was sent to a matrix (-> my iems) internally, as were all the talkbacks, so i could always hear all talkbacks together with my pfl.
    All talk inputs on inputs sent to aux busses for the band and matrices for foh,techs,… , with some macro’s i could decide who could talk to who in each stage of the gig.

    thanks for you input.

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    As far as the surfaces are concerned the only difference is the extra screen and extra fader bank. Functionality is identical. I use a 3000 with an external screen for meters, I’ve not missed the second screen so far.

    If you have crew to shift the gear for you get the 5000, if you have to shift it yourself get the 3000… 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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