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    I like to have a RTA and a Spectrograph function similar to those of the Midas M32.

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    This has been requested since iLive era.
    I believe it will happen when Elon M. launches his BFR to Mars.

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    It will nice to have, the TF series from Yamaha have that spectrum analyzer on EQ too

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    Which version of TF did that happen? I guess I should just go read the release notes… I just hate Yamaha’s website, so convoluted 🙁

    I hate mixing on the TF5, (hoping to replace with SQ) but in the meantime…that’d be nice.

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    + 1 for RTA integrated in the EQ Screen like an X32 or yamaha consoles

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    YES! Also voting for a detailed RTA with some options such as hold and decay and averaging over time (1-10secs). The Current RTA only follows the 28 adjustable bands and jumps around so fast its impossible to accurately tune a room.

    Even better if it be a full screen tab on the Ipad so we can see really a lot of detail!

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    Yes Pleaaaaaaase + 1

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    Yann, I doubt the integrated RTA is made for tuning a room. In fact, any common RTA would be the wrong tool for that job. In best case das t can hint at problems, but nothing more. It is useful to find problems of the the sound sources, like the frequency where the bass guitar is much louder than on the rest or where the acoustic guiatrs honking is coming from. And that’s why it would be much more useful, if the RTA (on ANY console) would be an overlay on the PEQ/GEQ screen.

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    You are right Jens, it will never be as good as a dedicated software like smaart but theres no reason why it can’t be used for room tuning, it just needs layed out in a bar graph over both types of EQ with options for averaging by turning the universal encoder.

    The Midas/berhinger surfaces work in this way and those companies sell that feature as being able to tune a room. And SQ is 20x better than those desks. A&H need to at least match them if not better them if they want people to switch to SQ.

    Of course it wont have 60+ bands on it for detail but it will be enough for a small 4 piece band just running an SQ5, being able to turn up at a venue, and quickly and easily (with no need for laptops and setting up audio interfaces) do a rough tune before their show. It’s better than doing no tuning and as most people can’t afford $1000+ for smaart it continues reinforcing the SQ as an all in 1 solution.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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