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    Has there been any word from A&H regarding the possibility of introducing RTA into the EQ graph?

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    I don’t think there was a response from A&H ever on this subject.
    its been ignored!!

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    As usual, Behringer beats everyone to the punch on features.

    They have RTA not only on eq, but on side chain and filters as well. Clearly this is something that every console should have, if even Behringer can do it. They know how much everyone loves that feature, so they even expanded it.

    C’mon A&H, you’ve heard from everyone, everyone wants it – “figure it out!”

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    +1 on requesting a response from A&H on the difficulties of implementing this on the different platforms.

    (Or, even better, A&H implements the RTA over EQ. I wouldn’t need to ask why it took so long!)

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    Bill in TN

    Just wanted to keep this request up front. It would be my #1 for improvement in regular use of dLive.

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    @Mr X

    AH tends to be very close mouthed , and keep things real close to their vest.

    Unless something is in the pipeline and getting tested for release real soon, I don’t see them saying much.

    What I do think is that they are thinking about every suggestion for inclusion in new gear. And they are thinking a little, based on how much time effort, and resources in both time money including those resources taken from the device being modded, that it would take to provide the change. And then they weigh the value of additional sales versus their expense, counting also the missed ‘spending’ on new gear. As gear gets older they are more likely going to put resources into something new than to keep adding features to some old devices. And they will be fixing fewer bugs or enhancing anything with firmware as things age.
    Clearly they know about old problems like the USB failures and will, I sure hope, fix that in new devices not have a useless obsolete database of devices to try because they might work again when we found one that had worked and submitted that info.

    I suspect that a lot of boxes are maxed out on what they can do without causing other problems.

    RTA is nice but I would rather have more mike inputs than that Wing provides.
    X32 or M32 would still be a better choice for many of us.

    This is a tough problem for AH trying to predict the market in the future and what mix of features/prices would maximize their profits.

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    Is it technically difficult to add an RTA to a serious machine like DLive?

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    As SQ is getting this with the next firmware release (version 1.5, previewed at NAMM), I don’t think it could be too far away for dLive.

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    Following. Does A&H crew read this form still?

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    DLive user are most of the time also smaart users, they have beter tools then rta overlay.

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    https://www.facebook.com/AllenHeathofficial – SQ 1.5

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    Why does the SQ have this feature while the dLive doesn’t? Does anyone from Allen & Heath monitor this thread, and if so could you please chime in?

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    Why does the SQ have this feature while the dLive doesn’t?

    SQ was just recently updated, that’s why. dLive’s update is on its way but still some months out, according to a recent post here by Nicola in the “Firmware V1.9 ETA” thread over in “dLive General Discussions”.

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