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    I recently began working for a facility with a S7000 and was surprised to find a console this expensive lacks a feature that’s on sub $1000 consoles. Please put in channel RTAs shown overlayed on the EQ (see FabFilter or X32) in a firmware update.

    Please make it a REGULAR RTA style, and self adjusting to levels. Not everything is a rock concert filling up the meters. Try checking a ringy podium mic on the RTA, you’ll hardly see anything. Sooo,
    1) Make it self adjusting level wise (see SIR Tools RTA plugin for example, or FabFilter, or X32) so that quiet source don’t just use up a few millimeters at the bottom of the screen.
    2) Make the decay adjustable, both the peaks, and the solid bar.
    The current RTA is often very fast and barely showing up at the bottom. My eyes have to try and jump around as quickly as possible to ascertain anything about what’s going on.

    I’m sure some people are going to say “use your ears”. That doesn’t work entirely when you’re running a livestream simultaneously with a FOH mix (is the bass guitar I’m hearing coming from my headphones or in the room? Decent metering on channels and mixes would help know if anything’s significantly overkill).

    Another use for it? Setting HPFs. Sure you can do it by ear, but having visual feedback speeds up the process, being able to see where the bottom end of the source basically stops so you can get pretty close instantly and then tweak a little by ear.

    Console sounds great otherwise !

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    you referring to S7000 and post this in the QU forum?

    we mentioned this already thousand times in the dlive part of the forum
    so this is already discussed to death
    and we all hope we get the RTA overlay on 1.9

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