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    I love being able to PALF an input channel and use the RTA to see the frequency response of the incoming channel. There are a few ways I would like to see it enhanced, however, to make it even more useful.

    I’d like the RTA to have more granular frequency resolution and easy zooming. I would like to offer up the iPhone app “Octave” as an example of what I would like to see. Here is a short video of Octave if you haven’t seen it before.

    Octave also has settings like bandwidth, time decay, maximums, peak hold, etc. that would be most useful to incorporate as well.

    I use Octave in addition to the iLive RTA when I am trying to “ring out” the feedback from a system. I find Octave to be extremely effective as a tool for identifying ringing frequencies. I like the “pinch to zoom” capability to adjust the dB scale. However, I would also like to “pinch to zoom” to make the frequency bands more or less granular. There are times when you need to get very granular when notching out a frequency. Even if “pinch to zoom” can’t be implemented on the iLive touch screen, it would be nice if there were some way to zoom in further and further until you had the desired level of detail in the RTA graph.

    Also, I would like the RTA to be visible (as a faint underlay) behind the PEQ/GEQ screens. Often times, it would be very useful to see the RTA in real-time while adjusting the PEQ/GEQ on a channel. If a button could be added to the PEQ/GEQ touch screen that says “Show RTA” and the RTA appeared as a faintly visible image behind the PEQ/GEQ, that would be extraordinarily useful.

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