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    To the collective – We have 2 Avantis desks connected with a GigaAce card, one for FOH and one for livestream. We also have a Dante card in the FOH desk for multi-track recording and virtual soundchecks. During virtual sound check we route the audio from the laptop via Dante to card 1 and overwrite the SLink inputs.

    I would like to send the virtual sound check audio to the livestream desk but I am unable to figure out the magic routing combinations.


    1) Is it possible to send the VSC audio to the second desk via the GigaAce Card?
    2) Is there a ‘how-to’ to help me setup this up?

    Thanks for your time.


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    I don’t have my Avantis in front of me, but it should just be a matter of using the tie-lines to send the Dante in to the GigaAce out. I do something similar with my SQ5 and Avantis. I use the USB input on the SQ for VSC and then tie-line it to the Slink out which is connected to my Avantis.

    I assume the same would work. In the routing section of the Avantis, go to Tie Lines and assign Dante in to GigaAce (or Slink) out, then have your other Avantis pick up the ins from the Slink or GigaAce port and route those to your channels.

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    I posted a similar question in the dlive forums. I wanted to do some training without a band going from dlive to avantis with VSC. We are connected via GigaAce and are using the tie lines to connect our FoH to our live stream and the VSC audio is coming in over Dante. I was told that VSC will not route IO over tie lines.

    I don’t have a Dante card for the Avantis.

    I thought of creating a filtered scene to where I could re-map the normal IO ports to Dante, and another scene to map them back and just not use VSC. I’m not sure it would work but I think it should. I just haven’t done it yet to see. Managing IOs for multiple scenes might be a nightmare.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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