Routing issue with (1) SQ-6 & (2) AB-168 I/O boxes

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    Trying to determine why Input 5-6 on the first I/O box is sending out to all outputs on both I/O boxes. That is 1-8 output on output box 1 and 2. I triple checked that it wasn’t patched anywhere. Problem happened with and without phantom power. Also whether or not the board was patched or not.

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    Had a similar issue last night.

    Started with a reset console. Patched everything carefully. Simple band set up, FOH and 4 foldback. All local inputs, no stage box.

    Half way through sound check we realised there was kick, snare and OHs coming through foldbacks despite having added nothing to any of the mixes.

    Muted channels – still there
    unassigned channels from every mix – still there
    Pre/post fade switch – still there
    Unassigned and reassigned input source – still there

    Eventually physically unpatched inputs and re patched them into spare inputs on the back of the console. Re assigned source on channel strip and all was good.

    Didnt have time to troubleshoot any further. I will be trying to recreate the problem in the warehouse next week.

    Anything I could be over looking?

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    Do you remember having those input sockets on foldbacks before the reset?

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    For other consoles I would suggest to save the scene and we can look at the configuration via an offline editor;-)
    So, at the moment we just can have som wild guesses.
    One possible cause could be that the inputs were directly routed to the Outputs. What happens if you set a route to the output socket and the unset it (so no route should be set to the socket).

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    KeithJ A&H

    As it’s easy to patch sockets to multiple inputs (or Mix External Inputs) or to duplicate output sockets, I sometimes have to double check patching to find the culprit. To make sure it’s nothing to do with patching or firmware, you can reset mix settings, though I appreciate this was at the gig…
    If you have any issues like this though, please do send us a show file (using or attached to an email, so we can check it out for you.


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