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    I’ve got a Qu16 and I have assigned ch 16 to usb (Cowbell click) – Now I wanna make a direct out from this channel to FOH but I can´t see anywhere how to assign the physical inputs….? Any Ideas?

    Also – I want my computer to send music (ch. 1-2) to ch 21+22 (St3) – but again I can´t figure out to assign it…Any Ideas?

    Kind Regards Michael Millfield

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    Dick Rees

    User manual. Section 11.18. I/O patch-USB audio.

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    I am experiencing same issue.
    i would like to use QU-24 as monitor mixer , so i need direct out to be sent to FOH.
    Unfortunately i could not find how to configure it.
    Before i use to use Midas Venice.

    this link seems not helful.

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    Dick Rees

    This subject comes up often in various audio forums, most often in setting up IEM’s to be run from stage by the band thenselves. The inevitable solution is to purchase an analog splitter box/snake to route all inputs to both the monitor and FOH consoles.

    Higher end, more expensive consoles with networking capability can handle this sharing in the digital realm but have other issues relating to input gain/sharing issues.

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    Use mix 1 to 4 to send whatever(click) you want from the inputs or computer to any of the 4 mono xlr outputs in the back to the FOH.

    As for the st3 output, you have to switch the preamp(top left of the console) to USB mode and make sure your computer is set to use it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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