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    A bit of a newbie question about QU-24. I know I could work this out if I had my desk with me but it’s packed for a festival on Saturday.

    I want to run FX2 to the foldback only. It’s a separate reverb for those performers who prefer it. I don’t want it to come out of the FOH. I do want it to be related to the send level for the foldback mixes that I want it in (Mix 1,2,3).

    Can some kind soul step me through the routing for that?

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    Victor Kennedy

    I’ll be interested to hear about this also. Good luck…

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    don’t route it to the L/R bus…

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    Mike C

    As mentioned turn off the LR assignment on the FX return that you only want to send to the monitor mixes.
    Select the mix you want the FX in and bring it up as you would any input channel that you want to send to a monitor.

    Actually if all of your monitor mixes are set for pre fade you would not need to turn off/un-assign the FX return from the LR main, just make sure the level stays all the way down on the main LR layer.

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    Adding on to what Mike said about bringing down the FX2 return all the way in LR and bringing the level up in the other mix (and turning on/off routing as needed), the FX2 settings backpanel should probably be set to “Unassigned” (the default) if it isn’t already.

    For a similar question a few days ago, I got a quick (no audio or editing beyond some short titles with descriptive text) screen capture of the process using the iPad app, which should be a similar process to the physical board (for adjusting levels):

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    Mike C

    Completely forgot about the rear panel patching, I so rarely get it into that
    after setting it up the first time.

    All too soon if not already there are going to be sound people who have never physically
    got into a rack to repatch effects units or insert comps, gates ect. or for that matter patched an outboard rack into a mixers inserts and aux send and returns.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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