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    The title explain it more or less. At the moment the gain tracking on a dLive is not passed to ip direct out at all.
    Use case: I want to run FOH sound with my dLive. But I use a SQ for monitoring purposes. The SQ is connected via SLink and a gigaACE card to the mixrack. On the mixrack all relevant input channels are routed with ip direct out, post preamp to the gigaACE card and therefore to the SQ. The gain on the dLive for those inputs are set during soundcheck, and then gain tracking is engaged, but eventually must be changed during the show for obvious reasons.
    So if i have to change the gain the changes are compensated on the dLive using the channel digital trim. My expectation was that the changes on the gain and the digital trim of the dLive are also passed to the direct outs. That would be helpful for monitoring and live recording as well. But unfortunately this is not the case at the moment.
    Can you please change that?

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    Do you really have to adjust gain after soundcheck though? I’d just gain conservatively and use trim.

    So direct out is pre digital trim? What if you set direct out to post HPF?

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    Hmm, in real life everything what can happen will happen. I also do gain adjustments conservatively, but what if a musician increase or decrease the volumn of the instrument drastically, or adrenaline causes singer to rise their volumn etc? Or the position of the microfon is accidentally changed…?
    All such cases are the reason why on consoles like the dLive a mechanism like gain tracking is introduced. If none of them would happen gain tracking makes no sense at all.

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    It would be nice if the gain tracking could be used in cooperation with the SQ (and the Avantis).

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