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    While I have previously replaced one of our iLive-R72 LCD modules, enough pixels failed on the other two that it was time to replace these as well. Reading the posts here (such as this and this) were very helpful and even though we had no problems with our CMOS battery, the unit is seven years old so I decided to replace this as well.

    Here is what I learned for the LCD panel replacement:

    1) I ordered two of item 004-056JIT, V2 LCD display. These cost about Cdn$230 each. These each have the LCD display with RGB backlight, VU meter LEDs, and red mute LED for each of the four channels per module.

    2) A Philips screwdriver is needed to remove all the screws on the side panels and the four screws at the back and four screws on the bottom, so that the top panel can be lifted somewhat.

    3) No cables need to be removed if you only lift the top cover enough to get at the modules. Remove the ribbon cable connector from the module and the three Torx screws to remove the module.

    4) Use a soldering iron and solder to jumper either JS1 or JS3 on the new panel to match that of the removed panel.

    5) Remove the protective plastic from the LCD display.

    Here is what I learned for the CMOS battery replacement:

    1) I bought a CR2032 battery and the holder for this battery.

    2) The Linux PC motherboard is at the top-right, the top panel can be shifted to the left enough to remove the:
    • Ethernet connector from the board.
    • Two USB connectors from the back panel.
    • One VGA connector from the back panel.
    • LCD panel connector from the board.
    • Ribbon cable from the back of the board.
    • Four Torx screws securing the board.

    3) My soldering iron would not melt the solder on the motherboard, likely because it is lead-free due to RoHS requirements, so I carefully pried off the welded tab from the top + connection of the CR2032 battery, and bend it enough times for the bottom – connection to break off. Then I bent the two legs of the + top tab enough to break them off as well.

    4) Then I soldered a two-wire cable to these contacts with about 12″ of cable to the new CR2032 battery holder.

    5) I reassembled everything inserted a CR2023 into the holder, and when the iLive-R72 starts the display is missing text lines and is repeated three times, while it is possible to read this, a VGA monitor can be plugged-in to the back panel. Plug-in a standard USB keyboard to either USB connector. The AwardBIOS boot stops with a prompt to either press F1 on the keyboard to continue or DEL to enter BIOS setup which must be done.

    6) If the LCD is all white, then power off the iLive-R72, remove and reinsert the CR2032 battery to clear the CMOS, and power on again.

    7) Use the four keyboard arrow keys to navigate the BIOS, use the + and – keys to change a highlighted parameter, press ESC to quit, and F10 to save and continue booting.

    8) Finally we get to the part I most wanted to document, the two CMOS settings that must be changed are in the “AGP & P2P Bridge Control” menu:
    • Select Display Device: [CRT+LCD]
    • Panel Type: [800×600 18 bit]

    Press F10 to save and exit, the iLive-R72 should boot normally. Reassemble everything, and hopefully your sound system will be good for many more years.

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    many many thanks for your posting!!!!

    I think all ilive user have the same problem with the cmos battery……

    My local dealer told me, the mainboard is damage, I need a new one costs 1.200€…..

    Now it works with a new battery and the old Mainboard.

    Many Thanks…..

    Nice greetings

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