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    When is the public release of DLive and associated mixracks/accessories for sale? I’d love to see the full line-up and get my hands on the DM48, s3000 and see what other accessories are compatible and actually play with one before sales open up. If you need beta testers, I’d be happy to do so… 😉

    Is it similar to the GLD functionality and feel? I prefer GLD over the iLive as I can navigate so much quicker with the easy layout, but I like the centralized brains within the mixrack of the iLive so that a surface is not required (as long as Win/Mac app and iPad app is fully functional including: scene store, recall, navigate and show store, recall and navigate, etc).

    I’ve got a conference room I’d like to install the above setup in, assuming the new GLD function of automix is built-in to this new mixrack. It’s nice to be able to switch real-time between automix and real-time mixing with surface or app with the flip of a switch, or maybe even by channel? The current setup in this particular board room is not easy as you have to log into software and make changes, upload changes in software and then exit out of the edit… no real-time multi-channel eq, processing, etc. adjustments can be made. So it’s nice that when a small setup is needed no operator needs to be there, but when there is a full board meeting we can mix live real-time with a surface, app or both to multiple locations. For this scenario a 16-channel combo neutrik xlr/1/4″ combo multi-output rack via dante would be very helpful (for broadcast news stations to tie into for press conferences).

    Side question, do the ACE ins/outs work seamlessly with Dante cards or do they need to both be ACE or both be Dante on each end to communicate?

    Thank you for such great products! I currently use GLD-80, AR2412, AR84, AB168, QU-16, QU-24 and have previously used iLive T112, iLive IDR48 and analog consoles.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Chris,

    dLive is actually shipping now to our distribution network, awaiting final firmware sometime this month before hitting the road. If you’re interested in buying a system or arranging a demo, please visit your local dealer or contact our American partner, AM&S.

    Operation of the Surface is similar to GLD and iLive as far as the fader strips and LCD displays are concerned. However the touchscreen interface is a step further in technology and ergonomics, with physical controls integrated with a single or dual 12″ capacitive screen. You can watch the video on our website to get an idea.

    Automatic Mic Mixing is not featured in V1.0 firmware. Once work on V1.0 is completed we will discuss priorities for future updates.

    dLive uses gigaACE for the MixRack to Surface link, these are point to point links – not compatible with Dante.

    Hope this helps.

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    Is there one to be seen in the Los Angeles area yet?

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