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    Right now a fader gang works in absolute value.
    I sometimes miss the ability to gang faders maintaining their relative value.

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    you could simply gang the faders, but leave the trim “un-ganged”

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    What Brad suggested…. +1
    I do the same thing with one of my ganged inputs with fader only ganging. Either control the difference with the input trim, or the compressor output level.

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    Two things.

    This is a “feature request forum”, not “I’m looking for a workaround” forum.

    Secondly, trim isn’t available on the output buses and that’s where I’d benefit from relative ganging the most.

    Relative fader linking is available in other consoles and DAWs. It’s the feature that once one gets accustomed to, it becomes missing on all tools that don’t have it.

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    but then please with a choice, preferably per channel, so that you can determine the functionality yourself.

    the relative fader movement is in the dLive with the DCAs in the auxes, if you have switched on the MCA function

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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