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    Hey guys, hopefully a quick question:
    When recording (drums) with qu16, via usb cable, multritrack of course, how can I make direct outs to have a stronger signal?
    I wish to record just dry signals from my drums without any qu16s eq, gate, compressor etc…
    But while doing this I want to hear eq-ed sound in my iems.
    I have tried direct outs (if I recall correctly, that is the name for this) but the signal was kind of weak.
    What can I do?

    All the pafls are already set nicely and healthy in the green with some occasional yellow.

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    turn the gain up?

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    select the group its on and raise the fader for that group

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    All of the faders are as high as they can go…

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    Every input has also a gain control. You should adjust that to get the highest possible level without clipping on the input. Its the top most left encoder on the desk. Raise the gain and check the Pk LED. If it starts to blink reduce the gain a little bit. That should help.

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    I already went through all, like I said, all signals pafl healthy in the green, with just an occasional yellow. If I start adding more gain I’ll risk a too hot signal.

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    KeithJ A&H

    @Dado ,

    When the meters are at 0dB, the analogue output will be at +4dBu and the digital signal (USB) will be at around -18dBFS.
    We do not boost the digital signal coming from the desk, as it would reduce headroom without any extra benefit. i.e. if boosted, you would increase the noisefloor and lose useful dynamic range.
    This is because it’s a digital signal, so all the information is there already and you won’t be getting more information by boosting the signal before sending it to the DAW.
    So if you need/want to increase the levels for recorded tracks, then it is best to normalise after recording, as you can always increase levels but you can’t get lost peaks back.

    However, you can increase the direct out level by up to 10dB for each channel individually, in the ‘Routing’ screen (note the control is outside of the global direct out settings box). This will give you a increase in level by reducing the headroom to 8dB.

    When streaming, where it’s not necessarily possible to increase levels later, you can make use of the mix compressor makeup gain to boost the signal too.

    Most of this is covered here –


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    Great, thanks

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