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    Alright I’m at my wits end…

    Our church has this great new QU-16 board and and iMac sitting next to it. I want a good clean signal to record sermons for our podcasts.

    I have hooked the USB cable from the USB B port to the back of the iMac. I’ve gone to Audio MIDI Setup and chosen QU-16 as my input, and nothing. No signal. I know I’m doing something wrong in the board. I’m not sending the signal right.

    I’ve googled/youtubed even read the manual, and nothing has worked.

    Can someone talk me through how to send the signal out of the board and catch it on the iMac? I only need one channel recorded mono.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You don’t say how much experience you have with the mixer so I’ll assume that you don’t have much so I can give you as much info as I can.

    First, If you haven’t read the manual, download the latest version and read it.

    Second, if you just want to record the sermon, or just the main mix, consider recording directly to an external hard drive. No computer needed. If you just want to record the mixed signal, you can even record the stereo to a USB Thumb Drive on USB-A

    Lastly, if you must record to the computer, you will need a DAW Program. You didn’t mention one so I assume you didn’t know that. There is a video on how to set the Qu up as a DAW Controller from Allen & Heath. You can watch it here.

    Hope this helps.

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    I am having the same problem understanding how to stream the audio and control using the QU. I am using Logic Pro. The referenced video does not provide enough detail, I cannot figure out how to set this mixer up. Can someone provide a step by step explanation?


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    Hello Pat and RedeemerChurch

    The referenced video is not a good starting point to learn how to use a DAW with QU
    The referenced video that “was here on this post ” I cannot see now in this forum?
    However the video had a GSR24 in the Core audio page and Reaper DAW software at the beginning (which I personally use flawlessly) and some other DAW software near the end of the the video. So anyone would be confused with that!
    I think firstly are you familiar with the QU?
    Read the manual and studied every page so you understand all the tech jargon?

    As Mamerica asked…
    have you tried using the Q drive as a recording device yet?
    Maybe someone out there can put some links onto here to assist you?
    You have made the right choice of mixers as the QU does work brilliantly with Mac. …. and PC

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    The QU series are “core audio”, which means they show up as a sound card (albeit one with many inputs/outputs) to a linux/macOS system. Windows ASIO drivers make the same tru there.

    A DAW is useful, but audacity will do the job for recording – just go to preferences and select all 18 channels from the QU16 sound card.

    On the QU16 the USB config page applies to both q drive and USB B streaming – the default is pretty goodm but you may (my desk isn’t powered up) need to select USB B over QU Drive as a global usb source…

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