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    Craig W

    Will I be able to stream multi channel through the usb b port and record the L-R mix on the qu drive simultaneously? How do I do this?

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    Not the way I read the block diagram.
    If some expert knows a way I would like to find out how to do that too.

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    Set up all your needed channel outputs in the USB setup, just make sure you set USB channels 17/18 for L/R. All your channels will show up in your DAW, including the L/R mix on 17/18. At the same time you can record stereo 17/18 (L/R) to the Qu-drive.

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    This week end I made a multitrack recording with my band during the shooting of a videoclip.

    When I assigned the ST in 1 to tracks 17/18 in the USB I/O patch, I got nothing at all! Is it normal?

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    KeithJ A&H


    Just responded to your other post, but it sounds like you already carried out the patching.
    If you definitely had signal going into ST1 and showing on the Qu, and your other channels were setup/patched in the same way and did record using Direct Outs, the first place I’d recommend checking would be the Channel Direct Out Trim – this is set on a per-channel basis, and can be turned right down to -inf.


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    Impossible to delete my multiple post on the same subject Keith. If you can do it for me, no problem.

    Thank you again. I will now check if your tip gives me satisfaction.

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