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    So our worship team is going to be recording an album in a few weeks. I was just wondering is there anything special I need to record multitrack to a mac? We would be using garage band as it is what is on the Mac. I don’t have a lot of experience with macs so I just want to know how I need to set it up to record from the USB on the back of the mixer or the qu-drive. Or do we need other software other than garage band? We are using a qu-24 as well, So just wondering how to route the audio out to the mac. I would appreciate any help as we are doing this ourselves and not going to a studio.

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    Unfortunately, GarageBand can NOT be used to record from the Qu24 via USB, because the Qu Series consoles are locked at a sample rate of 48 Khz. and can not be changed. GarageBand only operates at a sample rate of 44.1 which is the sample rate used for Compact Audio Discs and is convenient for consumers using the GarageBand program and don’t want to be bothered with various options for things like sample rate.

    You need a DAW (digital audio workstation) software program like Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Logic, etc. With these programs, you can very simply record with just one USB cable connected to the computer and set up however many tracks you need and hit record, then you can mix the tracks later.

    You could download the Digital Performer 30 day trial and use it to record all your tracks, then send them to me for mixing.

    There is yet another option for you and that is to get a portable USB hard drive and connect it to the USB port that is in the upper right-hand corner of the console next to the ST3 input. You can record directly to the hard-drive without any need of a computer. The main drawback with this setup is that the Qu24 can only record 18 channels.

    Contact me if you would like some help with this…

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    Or a free recording program like Audacity….

    Or use the QuDrive recording facility.

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    Or spend 60 USD into Reaper to have a full featured DAW (running well on both Mac and PC with cross compatibility of projects)…

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    I would record to both systems, the QU-Drive serving as a backup.

    Make sure you have enough space on the HD (and/or USB sticks) and make sure you set the input gains correctly, as you don’t want any overloads!

    I also would test the reliability of the recording medium (or media) by letting it run for the intended recording duration – you can just record silence if you want – just to make sure you don’t get any errors due to buffers overload or speed USB stick deficiency.


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