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    I’ve searches this Forum but couldn’t find anything that would answer my question.

    Next month I have to mix a live event that will be released on a DVD. There will be a camera team and I have to provide the multitrack recording (using a QU-24). It is a four piece band (drums, guitar, bass and 3 vocals) so the 18 tracks of the QU-drive will be sufficient.

    In the past I have recorded to QU-drive OR DAW (Logic Pro X) depending on how many tracks I have to record. Both worked fine so far.

    I know I can record tracks 1-18 with the QU-drive and tracks 19-24 with the DAW (with 18+ tracks I’ve always used the DAW as a stand alone recording solution, though).

    But the upcoming event makes me a bit uneasy, because there is quite a lot of money in it with the camera team and all so that I am wondering if it is possible to record the tracks 1-18 simultaneously to QU-drive AND DAW to have a backup recording if one should fail.

    The recording time will be 2 hours.

    Anybody tried that before?

    Cheers from Germany,


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    It just works. The first 18 channels output to USB go to both, the remainder go to USB-B only.

    Given the limitation you might want to push groups to the lower channels (or at least L&R) even if that doubles up on things in the DAW

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    I’m doing this regularly with even more tracks from the Qu32. There I use groups to collect “simple” or “not concurrently used” instruments together, which go to the first 18 QuDrive channels, so I still have a complete recording on the QuDrive as well. On the DAW I also record the separate channels so I effectively get two complete recordings, with the QuDrive seen as backup.

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    Good to know. Thanks Guys!

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    Yes always record to both if its a serious recording especialy if you are getting paid for it..
    I had a situation in an important session recently over 3 days where I simply forgot to push ‘record’ out of the USB-B to Reaper . Luckily I had the QU drive recording so was able to use that.

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