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    Great job, A&H on this product. The GLD has been a central part of our production inventory ever since we bought it. Here is our feature request list as you consider suggestions:

    1. Trim control of the USB recording feed. This way, we don’t have to eat up a stereo matrix bus simply to adjust the send level of the LR output to recording.
    2. Waveform/signal meter to show audio is being captured

    1. As mentioned elsewhere, adding recording control to the APP
    2. Add Softkeys to the app for quick access to DCA mutes/MIX assignments/etc.
    3. Add Mute Lock and/or fader lock
    4. Add Control of Ganging (to improve efficiency when working with limited screen space)
    5. Add control of I/O (helpful when setting up the stage and using the app for line checks)
    6. Add Scene change control

    1. As mentioned elsewhere, gate/comp side-chain control (ducking)
    2. Auto-mixer would be very helpful

    Processing & Config
    1. Mono output option for Main Out
    2. Speaker Matrix Processor for mix outputs (not sure if this should be under FX or output processing.)
    3. Channel mute while 48v activates (both at power-up and scene change)


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    Nicola A&H

    Very useful feedback, thanks. I will make sure these are logged in our feature request list (some already are).

    Can I point out GLD Remote already has SoftKeys – these follow the assignments set on the mixer and are accessed by the SoftKeys layer in the app. They can also be put into the Custom Layers.

    Mono out option for Mains – is this for saving mix outputs when LR are not required?

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    Thanks for the reply, Nicola!

    Would it be possible to lock Softkeys on the right side column? This way they are accessible while mixing on any layer.

    The request for mono M/C output was trying to maximize mix outputs. I don’t expect our system to be regularly setup in mono, but the option seems helpful. Part of this request is asking for the config window to function differently. I’m curious if users can config mono outputs in increments of 1 instead of increments of 2.

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    I had the chance to play around with the Qu-Pad app (QU-32) for the first time today and I think this layout is what I have wanted for the Gld-Remote. Having the left and right columns feels more functionality and seems to increase efficiency. Would love to hear from Qu-Pad users how this layout translates in a FOH experience.

    I imagine the GLD app layout where the far right column has an assignable master fader (by default it would be LR, but you could assign an Aux master if using the iPad for monitor control). To the right of this fader are assignable buttons that you can populate with different functions. The Qu-Pad has 15 buttons, plus a dedicated LR Mix selector. If we could populate these buttons with softkeys, copy/paste/reset, mute lock, alt view, scene save/recall, or GEQ, this app would be amazing.

    Also, would love to see the routing, recording and ganging menus added to the left column (as mentioned above). In general, I think A&H has already created a really great set of app features between the GLD and QU series. I know I’m being selfish, but why not have the best of both worlds? Cheers!

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    +1 for the trim control on the USB recording. Mix outputs are a really scarce resource for me, so this would be helpful. As would be not having to configure them in pairs, but I’m guessing that is not an easy fix.

    And of course the mute on phantom settling, especially at power up would be a life saver.

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