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    There are many families of effects that come included with the GLD. And with the large number of families, most times, each family has several options. Thus the number of options are overwhelming.

    I am fairly new to the GLD and am now in the position to begin looking into locating several effects for vocals for a small church environment, mainly for a worship leader and (singer) specials.

    I am looking for recommendations for reverb, chorus, and any other suggestions that the group have found useful. If you use non-default values, I would be interested in that as well.

    Thanks in advance

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    Most of the time I use this setup:

    FX1 : H481 live with a time of +/- 1,5 sec – Vocals
    FX2 : Delay long with 50% feedback – Vocals (on global tap 1/4 note)
    FX3 : Delay short (slapback) 0% feedback – Vocals (on global tap 1/16 note)
    FX4 : Doubler / Rotator
    Rotator only setup for use of Tube Drive to Max. To get harmonics for Vox / OH
    FX5 : EMT with a time of +/- 1,0 sec – Instruments (guitar / keys / horns…)
    FX6 : Dynamic EQ on vocals group bus
    FX7 : De-esser on main vocals
    FX8 : Gated Verb / Transient Controller (what is needed for the type of music / show)

    Hope this helps for you.


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    David Haughton

    Hi all, it’s possible to share library presets through the User Library section of the community.
    Simply save your libraries in the mixer to USB, transfer to your PC and upload them here!

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