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    I have done about 80 shows with the GLD, it now has the following issues
    1. Random feedback, even when the frequency is removed on all outputs and parametric
    2. Left out put is lower than the right output
    3. Main output stops working and requires a “show” to be reloaded to make it go boom again
    4. 5-8 minute boot up
    Is there a factory reset so I can just reload and start from scratch?

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    Nicola A&H

    Can you confirm issue 1-3 occur with a Template Show as well (i.e. are not due to a corrupt Show file)?

    You can try a software reset by power-cycling the mixer without pressing the Power Down button – you’ll find the Reset option in the Advanced menu at power up. Then start from a Template Show file.

    > 5-8 minute boot up
    Check that DHCP is disabled in the Network settings.

    If none of these cures the problems, please contact your local dealer / distributor for support or visit the support site here to submit a support ticket.

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    brad g

    Hi Guys i experienced a problem last night.. ch 16 with GLD 80 and AR2412
    i had 4 x radio mics from ch13-16 on dsnake with DCA . Found that everytime i turned on the mic in ch16 i had no control with volume its like the fader was at 20% i turned all faders down to “0” checked all routing all signal paths when i hit dca mute it would mute but when that was off it was like a direct out ?
    NO FX were assigned
    it was a straight copy and paste from one channel to the next and all channels were on DCA and on the Dsnake 2412…
    Any ideas oh its running v1.3

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    What happens if you load in another show? Say the factory LR. Then setup 13-16 with a DCA same as you have. Before you do that reboot all devices.

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